DIY Wax Seal Stamp Kit

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Wax seals add a special touch to all your invitations, letters, glass bottles, and packaging.

Our alphabet letter wax seal stamp is engraved with a Roman capital letter and leafy foliage in a classic design. The brass stamp conducts heat easily, and the wood handle protects your fingers from the heat. The stamp screws onto the handle, which means you can use several different stamps but only one handle.

1x Stamp
2x Vial Color Wax beads
1x Wooden Spoon

The stamp diameter is 1 inch, and the handle stands 3.5 inches tall. Each container of beads has 19 pieces which make approx. 6 stamps. Each bead measured approx. 0.35 x0.35 x 2in. Melts in seconds once the wax starts to melt immediately remove from heat so it won't burn. Bottles are reusable, please DO NOT pull too hard on the cork, it will cause it to break in pieces. Each spoon measured approx. 3.6in. length, 0.79in bowl (inside the spoon). The bowl can hold up to 3 beads. Once the wax starts to melt immediately remove it from heat so it burns. Clean the wax off while it's warm (not hot).