Our Story

Listen to my story. This...may be our last chance...umm, not really but, any chance to quote Tidus I'll take it!

Hello! My name is Rail and, I've been an artist for over a decade. I'm an award-winning self-taught artist. Creating and designing has been a personal passion of mine since young. I have been creating art for over 10 years and in those ten years I have won multiple awards and, I had over 50 art commissions. I specialize in both traditional and digital art.

The Crafty Parakeet offers more than 50 products for pens, pencils, resin craft, jewelry making, nail art, scrapbooking, mixed media art, etc. Every new product we get, we create a video demonstration to show customers the functionality of the product. We have a live Q and A each month to answer questions a customer might have.

I wanted to support artists at all stages of their artistic journey. I figured my calling as an artist was to help other artists. In my time as an artist, I've spent thousands of dollars on art supplies, so I know the feeling of spending a lot on crafting and creating. So, I open The Crafty Parakeet to help artists create more and spend less.