How to Use Resin


What is Resin?

Let's start by asking the question, what is resin? Resin is a semi-solid liquid that usually comes in 2 parts, a hardener and the resin itself. When you combine the two parts, it creates a liquid plastic or glue. The resin gradually hardens over time to give you this nice sturdy piece of plastic. 

What is it Used for?

Resin has many uses. From coating tables to creating art, the options are endless. Crafters use it to create unique pieces such as bookmarks, journals, keychains, etc. Artist mainly use it to seal their art pieces. 


How to Use Resin

When working with resin please do so in an open or ventilated area. Epoxy resin emit fumes so please wear a face covering while using them. Make sure you are working on a silicone mat to not damage your work area.  

What you need:

  • Gloves
  • Silicone mat
  • Mask (optional)
  • Mixing Cups (silicone preferred)
  • Wooden Sticks

With gloves on, pour equal amounts of resin and hardener into a mixing cup. Add your glitters and color mix all of it together and stir for 3 minutes. Scrape the sides and the bottom to make sure you’re being thorough (unmixed resin will leave you with sticky spots that just won’t cure). It takes 45 minutes to harden so work within that time so your resin doesn't go to waste. After mixing slowly pour your resin into a silicone mold or your art piece. Depending on how big your mold or piece is, cover it with a plastic box or bin so nothing gets in it. Resin needs a curing time of 24 - 72 hours to completely cure. Once cured you can now freely remove from mold or touch your art piece.

Good luck with your crafts!

- Rail


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